The discovery of Beyond The Scenery

As a fellow army and staying in South Africa I wanted to buy merchandise also but it was very difficult to find anything, prices were unaffordable and shipping took forever. Through thorough research and contacts I was able to finally get some, and thinking how many South Africans must be going through the same dilemma as me, I took the step to provide for other fellow army’s too. We have good quality, affordable price and excellent service. Items are delivered in good condition and you can trust us as we always have your happiness and satisfaction as our first priority. Our best sellers include Our famous BTS hoodies, we also have various keychains, photocards bts member inspired hats BT21 items etc.  Click on our catalog to view all items and sizes available. we are also trying to incorporate other kpop groups due to popular demand. New products are always arriving so follow and stay in touch. Thank you and borahae.